Academy Trust

John Mason School is now part of the Abingdon Learning Trust, a new multi-academy trust that has been established by John Mason School, Fitzharrys School and Rush Common School.


Being an academy does not change the joint partnership work by all three secondary schools and the college in the Abingdon Consortium and the wider partnership of primary schools, in their shared commitment to the education of all our children. JMS governors reaffirmed our commitment to the partnerships and to ensure equality and inclusive education remains at the heart of the school’s vision and values.


Conversion to an academy school does not have any effect on those children applying for admission as the Board will abide by the Admissions Code and applications will still be made through Oxfordshire County Council.


Abingdon Learning Trust joint letter to stakeholders
Abingdon Learning Trust vision document Sept 2016
DfE letter 24 Jan 2014

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