The Diner

We use meat from a family farm in Devon (Philip Dennis Farm and Butchers) for all our meals; these meals are prepared fresh in our diner kitchen.

The Diner operates a cashless system.Please see the cashless catering - letter and cashless catering - FAQs for more information.
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The current menu will be displayed on the plasma screen outside the dining hall. Please note the reduction in meal deal to £2.70

Along with the main meal range there will, of course, still be lots of other choices along the lines of “Grab and Go”, sandwiches, fruit, and drinks and so on. We will also be offering a meal deal where students can have a sandwich, drink, cookie and a piece of fruit for £2.20. So, there will be something for everybody.

We have made every effort to keep the prices as low as we can. Following research amongst other schools our prices are certainly competitive and on a par with what they are charging.

The School Food Trust states “We’ve estimated that parents could spend almost eight days a year making packed lunches for their children if they want them to meet the same healthy standards as school meals”. Please support us in trying to offer our students a healthy, sociable lunch experience at school.


Diner Price List
Cashless Catering Letter
Cashless Catering FAQ

Menu from Easter 2018

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