House System

The main function of the house system is to develop a sense of identity or belonging and to celebrate achievements. Each house at JMS represents a river in Abingdon and each student will belong to either Thames, Stert or Ock.

It is important for students to have the opportunity to play an active role and contribute to a community within their school, which allows them to develop skills and talents and acknowledges their successes in a wide range of ways. We encourage students to play an active role in the success of their house. Individual and team efforts are rewarded as well as participation. Students are expected to contribute to Inter-house competitions throughout the year.


Colour: Green

River: Ock - A small tributary of the River Thames. Catchment area the Vale of White Horse, a low-lying and wide valley in South Oxfordshire. Flows into the River Thames, at Abingdon on the reach above Culham Lock.

Moto: Faster, Louder, Better, Stronger. You can't tame this energy inside.

Song: DJ Fresh Ft. Sian Evans - Louder


Colour: Red

River: Stert - A small stream that flows through Boxhill Wood, to the north of central Abingdon. near Whitington Court it enters a culvert, flowing beneath Stert Street, a channel dating back to medival times.




Colour: Blue

River: Thames - The longest river in England at 215 miles with 45 locks. If flows through Abingdon, where the oldest surviving lock chamber exists, dating back to 1624 and then out into the North Sea at the Thames Estuary..

Moto: Respect all, Fear none, Ready for every challenge.

Song: Thunderstruck by ACDC


Each house team is built from student volunteers, from which a House Captain and Vice-Captain are selected for each year group. The house team then plans, organises and runs a number of events throughout the year to engage with and enjoy friendly competition. As well as house sports competitions, this year the teams are developing a house competition within each subject. These include house:








The 02 Gallery’s Student Showcase

Reading Challenge

The JMS Challenge

The Cube

Teacher Eggheads

Sports Day

House Awards

There are 6 tutor groups and the points are awarded as follows:

· Winners: 60 points

· Second place: 50 points

· Third place: 40 points

· Fourth place: 30 points

· Fifth place: 20 points

· Sixth place: 10 points

This year we have started a new rewards system within the house system. Each term teachers nominate 1 student in each of their classes who have shown qualities for the terms School Value. Every term has a different School Value attached to it.

Term 1 – Passionate about Learning

Term 2 – Proud of our Creativity

Term 3 – Keen to Inspire

Term 4 – Determined to be the best

Term 5 – Value ourselves and each other

At the end of each term the Head of Department selects from the nominations, one student in each year group, to receive the Faculty House Award. All of these students receive a certificate from the nominating teacher and recognition such as a week queue jump pass for the canteen. Our house teams have provided the ideas for recognitions which the students receive.

In December, we collated all the students who received an award from term 1 and 2 and ran an Awards Cinema Event. This involved students being released form DEAR time and Period 5 to enjoy a relaxing film in the hall. They were served by the Heads of House and supporting staff, popcorn, candy floss, sweets and drinks to enjoy during the movie. These students also received a week long queue jump pass for the canteen.

House Captains 2016/17




Year 7
George Long
Aaliyah Fiori

Year 8
Issy Brinkley
Bailey Cunningham

Year 9
Rutian James
Sarah Clark

Year 10
Adam Radcliffe
Manuel Da Silva
Eleanor Simpson

Year 11
Lucy Jones
Harry Stanley

Year 12
Eve De Goris
Josh Sayers

Year 7
Katie Simpson
Archie Worth

Year 8
James Behling
Kayleigh Austin

Year 9
Alex Hughes
Eva Ponting

Year 10
Oliver Barker
Eloise Aitken

Year 11
Freya Collacott
Max Crowther

Year 12

Year 13
Jack Van Galen

Year 7
Zara Chaudri
Elliott McLernan

Year 8
James Hodges
Olivia Day

Year 9
Harriet Crosbie
Liam Antrobus

Year 10
Tebbessum Ulas
Rowan Bevan

Year 11
Sean Moore
Dulcie Burchill

Year 12
Sian Hopkins
Alice Lavender

Year 13
Cameron Spilsbury
Abbie Cottanham


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