Welcome to the Modern Foreign Languages Faculty

Director: Ms. E Mannion Contact details: eman8342@johnmason.oxon.sch.uk

Teachers in this Faculty: Mr. R. Marshall, Mr. G. Forsyth, Mr .L. Hamilton, Mr. R. Smart, Mrs. M. Denslow

At John Mason school we are passionate about the benefits that learning a language can bring. We strongly believe in languages as a skill for life and something students should enjoy and find rewarding. We seek to enthuse our students by bringing languages to life both inside and outside of the classroom. We run many foreign trips including annual visits to Berlin, Valencia, Argentan, and Koln as well as residential language trips to The Welsh Farm, trips to the cinema, Theatre etc. We have strong links with the Oxford German Network, as well as links with a college in Austria.

The MFL department has 6 dedicated members of staff and we teach in a suite of 4 classrooms with 2 smaller teaching rooms/ office space. All classes are fitted with SMART board and interactive work is strongly encouraged in the department. We seek to produce confident linguists who can enjoy the benefits of being able to communicate in other languages and who are open to other cultures and ways of life.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

We offer French, German and Spanish to our year 7 students. We have just adapted out KS 3 curriculum to accommodate the requirements of the new KS 4 specifications and adapted to life without levels. We have Allez in French and Zoom for German and Spanish, although our Schemes of Learning are not based on these.

Term 1: Basics – Names, alphabet, ages, birthdays
Term 2: Family, pets, characteristic and descriptions
Term 3: Sports and hobbies (Present tense)
Term 4: Places and nationalities / school and school subjects and opinions
Term 5: Description of school, school uniform and clothes general, food at school, break lunch etc
Term 6: Future plans and revision of the year.

Year 8 1st Language

Term 1: In and around town as well as environment.
Term 2: Hobbies and arrangements.
Term 3: Basic holidays and travel destinations and transport, reinforcing the perfect tense.
Term 4: Holidays and Travel – weather, eating out and accommodation.
Term 5: Accommodation and services, future holiday plans.
Term 6: Revision of Hobbies and free time in all 3 tense and recap of the year.

Year 8 2nd Language

Term 1: Basics – Names, alphabet, ages, birthdays, family and pets.
Term 2: Characteristic and descriptions,
Term 3: Sports and hobbies and the present tense.
Term 4: School subjects, descriptions, uniform, food at school and future plans.
Term 5: House and home and a recap of all above as well as places nationalities.
Term 6: Hobbies and Arrangements – building on term 3 but introducing the past tense.

Year 9 1st Language

Term 1: Home life including jobs at home as well as a recap of house description
Term 2: Media and Culture
Term 3: Region and Environment – comparison with a language-relevant place
Term 4: Cultural focus term

Change groups and start teaching GCSE course

Term 5: Healthy Lifestyles
Term 6: My life online

Year 9 2nd Language

Term 1: In and around town including environment
Term 2: Holidays and travel – destination and travel, activities on holiday
Term 3: Holidays and travel – weather, eating out and accommodation, holiday future plans recapping future tense.
Term 4: Media and Culture

Change groups and start teaching GCSE course

Term 5: Healthy Lifestyles
Term 6: Life online

Key Stage 4

Year 10 AQA GCSE: French 8658, German 8668, Spanish 8698

Term 1: Me my friends and Family and grammar focus
Term 2 : Technology in everyday life
Term 3: Assessment on terms 1 and 2, plus Free-time activities
Term 4: Customs and festivals and Assessment on terms 3 and 4
Term 5: Home, town, neighbourhood and region
Term 6: Social issues

Year 11: Edexcel GCSE: French 2FR01, German 2GN01, Spanish 2SP01

Term 1:

Teaching for final GCSE CA topic
French: Healthy Lifestyles
German: Home and Region
Spanish: Holidays

Term 2:

Finish topic area and 2 week CA written task dates will be published by individual class teachers. Begin teaching Common Topic Areas
French: Climate and Global environmental issues and public transport
German: Climate and Global environmental issues and public transport
Spanish: Education

Term 3

French: School, free time, shopping, food and drink
German: Accommodation, local amenities and directions
Spanish: Region and environment; basic weather; public transport

Term 4

French: Tourism / World of work / In and around town
German: Visitor information, customer service and transactions
Spanish: Shopping, cafés and restaurants and dealing with problems
Exam preparation and past papers

Term 5:

General topic area revision as well as past paper practice
French Reading and Listening Exams: 16th May am
Spanish: Reading and Listening Exams 19th May am

Term 6:

German Reading and Listening exams 7th June am

Key Stage 5

Year 12 Year 1 of A Level and AS course AQA 7661

GERMAN is taught in the consortium and teaching is shared with Larkmead. Artistic culture in the German Speaking world is being taught at Larkmead.

Term 1: Relationships within the family, partnerships and marriage

Term 2: Different family types and the digital world

Term 3: Fashion, music and TV

Term 4: Goodbye Lenin, film analysis and past papers

Term 5: Past papers and exam on:

23rd May 2017 listening, reading and writing and
26th May writing paper.

Year 13 AQA 2661

GERMAN is taught in the consortium and teaching is shared with Larkmead. Ausländische Mitbürger is taught at Larkmead along with the second cultural topic.

Term 1: Cultural topic – the fall of the wall

Term 2: Essay practice and speaking consolidation on cultural topic and begin Environment

Term 3: Environment and current issues

Term 4: Current issues and revision of all topics above

Term 5: Past papers and speaking practice. Oral exam TBC in April.

Term 6: 16 June 2017 unit 3 exam Term 1 & 2: Aspects of Hispanic Society: current trends.

KS 5 Spanish

AQA new spec 7691

Spanish is taught at John Mason School and the teaching is shared between RWM and MD. The students also have one FLA a fortnight is smaller groups.

Terms 1 and 2: Aspect of Hispanic society, current trends.

Traditional and Modern Values (MD)
Cyberspace (RWM)
Equality of the sexes (RWM)

Term 3 and 4: Artistic Culture in the Hispanic world.

Influence of idols
Regional identity in Spain
Cultural heritage
Cultural Study: El Laberinto del Fauno

Term 5:

Revision and past papers

Exam dates:

16th May - reading, listening and writing
18th May - writing


German Trip - Koln 2019

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