School Clubs

During the school year there are many clubs that run.

designing and creating with textiles
creative writing
football, rugby, netball, basketball, tennis, hockey, cricket
art of all types
book clubs
music clubs. We have an orchestra, windband, as well as recorder, guitar and brass groups. We even have a successful school folk group, 'What's up Folk!'. Opportunities for lunchtime rehearsal also allow students to form their own rock and pop groups.
designing and building robots
singing; we have two school groups
STEM club (activities relating to science, technology, engineering and maths).

We probably have a club for you whether you are active, cerebral, noisy, quiet, brave, timid or any combination of these.

Please note that the clubs will vary depending on the time of year. Please see your tutor if you have ideas for a new club.


Enrichment Clubs 2019-20

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