Thinking of joining us for 6th Form?

John Mason School is part of the Abingdon Consortium for Education (ACfE)

Being part of a consortium enables students choose from a wide and varied range of A level courses spread across the three schools within Abingdon.

The three schools are within 1.5 miles (by road) of each other –20-25 minute walking. Together we offer over 30 subjects and they are taught by experienced staff with an excellent record in A-level success.

In early November students are encouraged to attend the ‘Beyond GCSE Evening’ with parents where they can attend a presentation from the Head Teacher, talk to the Headteachers and the Heads of Sixth form of all 3 schools and teachers about what the A level course involves and pick up a Prospectus and 6th Form application form. This is run as a joint event and is in a different school each year. At this event there are also representatives from local Colleges and Careers advisors so that you can discuss alternative Higher education pathways.

Following this evening students are encouraged to speak with their subject teachers to determine whether they are suitable candidates for the subjects they want to do.

The year 11 students are invited to ‘Meet the 6th form’ in early February giving them the opportunity to talk to current year 12 and 13 students about the expectations and commitment that is expected in the 6th form and the difference between studying for GCSEs and A Levels.

In February and March applicants from John Mason School will be interviewed by the head of 6th Form; this is also a great opportunity to discuss any future plans the student may have and make sure that the A levels they are considering will enable them to progress on their chosen path.

Applicants from outside of John Mason will be invited to come to the school to discuss their application and they will be offered a tour of the school and 6th form facilities.

Following successful interviews students will be sent a letter offering them a conditional place and outlining any further activities that they will be encouraged to take part in prior to starting 6th form.

In late June/early July a week of taster sessions will be organised across the consortium for the future year 12 students. This is an opportunity for the students to visit the other school sites and they will have a lesson in a subject at the school where it will be taught. In these sessions they will get a feel for the difference in teaching style between lower school and the 6th form and they will be set some work to do over the summer holidays which will be collected in at the beginning of term. These sessions will be complemented with a ‘Year 11 information Evening’ to which the year 11 Parents will be invited.

Once you have received your exam results in late August you will be invited to a ‘Welcome to the 6th form’ interview. At this meeting your GCSE results will be confirmed and final choice of subjects will be decided and matched up with your potential destination (if known). 6th form starts at the beginning of September with a day of induction and team building, timetables are finalised and then courses begin.

Full list of courses available through the ACfE website (this link goes straight to courses)


JMF6 Prospectus

JMF6 Application Form - 2018

Destinations Data for 6th Form Students

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