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Head of 6th form: Mr Cez Sissons

Tutors: Mr Bate, Mr Conway, Ms Pennington, Mrs Marriot, Dr Marsh and Mrs Pritchard

We have 6 tutor groups each made up of some Year 12 and some Year 13 students.

In the 6th Form we share a common curriculum with our consortium partners, Abingdon and Witney College, Fitzharrys and Larkmead. Subject areas are put into 4 option columns with students choosing one from each. A small number of students also elect to take Further Maths. There are also 5 periods a week when students spend time in their own institution following a pastoral curriculum which supports their academic learning. At John Mason we have

Tutor periods with tutors, where students engage in activities such as debating, projects, quizzes and year council business.
Complimentary studies

Year 12 students pick up independent learning skills such as research methods, analytical skills and presentation skills
Year 13 - the focus is preparing students for the next stage of their academic or work career and also teaching them life skills.

Electives every Wednesday afternoon for Year 12s. Each student must choose from and follow one of

Young Enterprise,


Physical activity at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis Centre (a choice of many different activities such as badminton, tennis, swimming and time in the gym is available)

The JMS 6th Form centre contains a brand new study room with 30 state of the art computers where students can work and make good use of study periods, a recently refurbished common room where they can relax and study, and a kitchen where they can make themselves hot drinks and snacks.

In the 6th Form students are expected to contribute to the school, or wider community by doing a minimum of 20 hours volunteering. This can be in any activity they choose, and helps them build qualities of responsibility and reliability.

There are plenty of opportunities to be involved in the running of the 6th Form and to take on responsibility. Apart from the senior student team, comprising the Head Boy and Girl and 10 other senior students, there are also tutor group representatives sitting on the year council, peer mentors who are trained to support year 6 students in their transition to John Mason as year 7 students and sports captains.

We also have a good community spirit and social life in the 6th Form. On Super Learning Day 1 we hold a house competition based on cooking, cleaning, ironing, sewing and budgeting skills, and all students receive information from an external provider about improving their memory and exam performance. On Super Learning Day 2 we go to Reading University to think about future plans. In 2012, we had a Christmas masked ball, and as usual our end of Christmas term inter-Tutor Group quiz breakfast and pyjama extravaganza was enjoyed by all.

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