Welcome to the Social Education, Citizenship & Careers Faculty

Director: Mr I Ferris Contact details: ifer3990@johnmason.oxon.sch.uk

Teachers in this Faculty: Mr I Ferris, Mrs A Thornton, Mr M Davies, Mrs C Orme, Mrs A Marriott, Miss L Gibson

These subjects are linked together because they are all about helping young people embrace change, feel positive about who they are and enjoy healthy, safe responsible and fulfilled lives.

Key Stage 3

At KS3 students are taught in mixed ability groups and are encouraged to develop active and independent learning skills. Examples include: role play, presentations, group work, debate and discussion. The Social Education course in Key Stage 3 covers careers, information, advice and guidance, citizenship, well-being and sex related education as well as financial awareness and enterprise. We encourage active learning opportunities to allow students to recognise and manage risk, take increasing responsibility for themselves, their choice, their behaviour and make a positive contribution to their families, school and communities.

Topics covered in KS3 are listed below:

Year 7

· Mindfulness (10x 1hr sessions)
· Study skills and time management
· Managing money
· Discussion skills
· Friendship
· Bullying
· Drugs
· Health, diet, hygiene and exercise
· Citizenship, rights and responsibilities
· Community
· Financial capability 1
· Democracy and the UK Parliament
· Dealing with prejudice
· Enterprise: introduction
· Recycling

Year 8

· Heroes and idols
· Personal safety (P.L.A.N)
· Careers Education – Step into the NHS
· Options IAG
· Citizenship
· My Identity
· Britishness
· Globalization
· Boys and Girls
· Contraception
· Cohesive community
· Financial capability 2
· Enterprise: Beat the Boss
· Assertiveness and team-building
· Leisure

Year 8 also have a CEIAG themed iDAY looking at career pathways.

Year 9

· Health, moods and mental health
· Careers and options IAG
· Enterprise 2
· Employability skills
· Crime and laws
· Bigger picture: EU and the world
· Financial capability 3

Year 9 have a “Staying Safe” carousel day, covering self-esteem, contraception, SRE, substance misuse, contraception, sexting and healthy relationships.

Key Stage 4

At KS4 students follow RS GCSE in Year 10.

In Year 11 they follow a Social Education programme which covers the following topics:

· Animal Rights
· War and migration
· Democracy and the EU
· CAB Employment Matters and financial capability
· First Aid
· Safety
· CV writing
· CEIAG (Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance)
· Crime, Laws and punishment
· Prejudice and tolerance


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