Year 10

Head of Year: Mrs A Sissons

The key focus in Year 10 is the process of embedding smart, effective and mature attitudes into their new GCSE programme. The new experience of working on examined courses can be both challenging and daunting. Suddenly there will be course work, revision and targets - all of which matter.. Year 10 is all about working at these issues in a way that ensures all students reach their full potential.

Part of this process is to extend the responsibilities that students have beyond the classroom, to give a real-life context in which to place the exam experience. Students take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, help Year 7 students with their literacy as a Reading Buddy or take on Sports Leader responsibilities. Students are also encouraged to be a part of projects such as the Year 11 Yearbook, or individual Tutor challenges and trips. To totally cement the real world theme, Year 10 students complete a week of Work Experience in March, where they will organise their own placement in situations as different as Oxford United, the local primary school, or the research centre at Culham. This experience gives them the final impetus to push on in Year 11 to meet their ultimate learning goals and the shared aim of becoming an adult.


Year 10 Parent Information Evening

Year 10 Work Experience

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