Year 7

Head of Year 7: Ms Davies

Year 7 Tutors:

Mr Taylor (7TJST)
Mr Smart (7TJRS)
Mr Reed (7OSAR)
Miss Amos (7OKJA)
Miss Evans (7SAME)
Miss Johnson (7SSHJ)

Welcome to the Year 7 information page. The aim of the Year 7 Team is to provide a successful transition from primary to secondary school and to ensure a safe, enjoyable, academic environment. We strive to get to know each student: their talents, hopes, successes and concerns. In partnership with parents and carers, we work to foster a sense of responsibility and respect in our students to empower them with the skills and confidence they need to succeed in Year 7.

Year 7 is currently made up of 6 tutor groups each containing 30 students. The tutor is the first person the students speak to if they have a problem or need help or advice. Four mornings a week the students spend 20 minutes with their tutor; this time is used focussing on different priorities such as SEAL activities or a weekly challenge. The aim of tutor time is to set the students up for a day of learning, as well as embedding skills that they can use in the long term. On the fifth morning there is a whole-year assembly. During Year 7 students will experience new lessons, new sports and various trips and opportunities outside the classroom.

To help with these aims we ask Year 7 students to:

Be smartly dressed in full school uniform
Bring the correct books/equipment/kit that you need for school
Follow the instructions of all adults in the school
Behave to a high standard in, and out of, school
Complete homework tasks to a high standard, and by the due date
Take part in clubs and activities out of lesson time


Year 7 Parent Information Evening Slides

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